Forrest’s Exploration Diaries now online

Artist Bill Gannon and surveyor Rod Schlencker, visited the State Library to see the original diaries of John and Alexander Forrest’s 1874 expedition from Geraldton to Adelaide. The diaries, which are held in the State Library collections, are now accessible online through the catalogue.(ACC 1241A)

071_Forrest Diaries_16-5-18.jpg
Billl Gannon and surveyor Rod Schlencker view the Forrest Diaries (c) State Library of WA 2018

This week Bill Gannon and a team from the State Library will embark on a on a trip to engage with Aboriginal communities and visit key locations along the 1874 trek route.  This artistic and community engagement is part of the From Another View project, a collaboration between the State Library and Minderoo Foundation.  The project considers the trek ‘from another view’, or rather from many views, incorporating various creative and Aboriginal community perspectives.

053_Forrest Diaries_16-5-18.jpg
John Forrest’s Diary, State Library ACC 1241A (c) State Library of WA 201

Explore some of the camp locations referenced in John and Alexander Forrest’s diaries through the Google map.  Stay tuned for more updates from the team as they travel.
Map shewing the route of the West Australian Exploring Expedition through the centre of Australia from Champion Bay on the West Coast to the Overland Telegraph Line between Adelaide and Port Darwin commanded by John Forrest, F.R.G.S. 1874 State Library of Western Australia (24/8/1)