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Copyright and Reproduction

  • All the images, documents and sound files included in Memories of Picnics are provided for research purposes only and cannot be reproduced without the prior consent of the Library and Information Service of Western Australia (LISWA).
  • Photographic prints of the images included can be ordered directly from LISWA.  In addition to processing costs, a reproduction fee must be paid before publication or display of the image is authorised.
  • Advice on the copyright status of each image and document included can be obtained from LISWA.  It remains the responsibility of the requestor to apply for permission from the copyright owner and to supply written evidence of such permission to LISWA.


Conditions for Reproduction

  • Applicants for photographic reproductions shall complete a Photographic Purchase Order. 
  • Applicants for photographic reproductions shall truthfully declare what is the intended use of the materials requested.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform LISWA if they subsequently wish to change the intended use of the material.  Failure to follow these requirements may lead to further action and/or prosecution.
  • Photographic material is provided for one use only, no further reproduction of any kind can take place without written permission from LISWA.
  • Acknowledgement of the material will be in the format specified on the reproduction permit, eg Courtesy Battye Library 6621P.
  • If the reproduction is required for inclusion in a work published or produced in Western Australia then one copy of that work should be sent to LISWA under legal deposit legislation.  One complimentary copy of an item published/produced outside Western Australia should be sent to LISWA.
  • Written evidence of the consent of the donor/copyright owner must be provided to LISWA if requested.  If the copyright owner cannot be traced, LISWA requires written indemnification for any action resulting from the use of the photograph.
  • LISWA reserves the right to levy a reproduction fee.


Reproduction Fees

  • LISWA will provide one photographic print with dimensions of 7" x 5" (17 x 12 cm) for a fee of A$20.00.
  • A reproduction fee of A$20.00 per item will apply for photographs used for publication and public display.   This is not a copyright fee but a fee for use of the object owned by LISWA.


Contact Information

  • Requests for reproductions or for information regarding the copyright status of images should be addressed to :
    • The J.S. Battye Library of West Australian History
      Alexander Library Building
      Perth Cultural Centre
      Francis Street
      Perth, Western Australia 6000

      Telephone :  (61) 9427 3450
      Fax :  (61) 9427 3256
      Email :


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