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Interviewed 12 March 1992 by Criena Fitzgerald. p.7.

CF...did you ever go on picnics?

ALBANY Oh yes, yes.  Around the Kalgoorlie region, yes.

CF And what would you have taken to eat?

ALBANY My mother was.... we rarely did picnics but when we did she did them well.  She would bake bacon and egg pies and salads and make sandwiches, that sort of thing.  There was always a..... and perhaps cold - no, not cold chicken; but she would always go out of her way.  She had a great big American picnic hamper, you know the sort that open at both ends, and it was always quite..... It was a great thing to go on a picnic with my mother.

CF Did you drink juice or cordial or...?

ALBANY Cordial was always there.  We always had cordial.  I'm not sure I drank it all the time, but it was always there.  I think at one stage my mother went through a phase where she used to make ginger beer at home.  We rarely ever had cool drink.  That was a Christmas treat or perhaps a birthday treat.

(Battye Library OH 2452/2)


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