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Interviewed May 1992 by Gail O'Hanlon. p.10.

GO'H And what about food associated with leisure activities, such as picnics or camping?

STAMP Yes, we did quite a few camping holidays.  If we went out for the day, Mum might make an egg and bacon pie and we'd have it cold, or sandwiches and cold meats.  There again she'd make a tart and fruit.  She was very keen on thermoses of tea.  On a longer camping holiday which we did occasionally we would plan the menu and take casseroley-type curries and that sort of thing, and reheat them on the open fire; a grill on the fire, on a barbecue fire in the bush.  Sausages in the pan.  Hot dogs was another favourite we'd take out for the day, and boil them up in a saucepan (it was very quick) and have rolls and hot dogs.  Always some sort of special cake.  If it wasn't a nice lemon tart or whatever there'd be a special cake.[laughs]

GO'H And what would you drink when you were on these outings?

STAMP Oh mostly tea.  As I got older there was cordial for me; not as in aerated cool drink - cordial.

(Battye Library OH 2452/7)


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