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Interviewed May 1992 by Gail O'Hanlon. p.16.

GO'H Did your family ever go on picnics when you were a child?

THOMAS When we lived down south we used to go out blackberrying.  We used to make it a day's outing and take a picnic with us, but it was basically sandwiches and that sort of thing.  They always boiled the billy.  We really never ever lived anywhere that you went far from home to do things.  I mean you could always get back home quite easily and quickly.  I don't remember lots of people going picnicking.  Like a railway picnic, they had one of them every year and all the railwaymen went, and their families.  That was big do because there was always ginger beer for the children and lollies.  I don't remember what they used to give us to eat other than that, but anyway I mean all the food was laid on; and for the adults there was always alcohol if they wanted it.

(Battye Library OH 2452/8)


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