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Publication of her historical research included The Drummonds of Hawthornden (1969), The Victoria Plains (1971), Old Toodyay and Newcastle (1974), The Dempsters (1978), The Brand on His Coat (1983), The Bride Ships (1992) and The Misfortunes of Phoebe (1997). All her research and book drafts were hand written and Battye Library holds not only her published works but also the originals of some of her manuscripts.

Rica researched and wrote the history of the Western Australian Naturalists' Club, the Toodyay Gaol through their Museum Committee, and the National Trust property 'Mangowine'. She contributed to two books for the Country Women's Association: Her Name is Woman was launched in 1974 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the CWA in Western Australia and She's No Milkmaid in 1991. The second book is a biography of Dame Raigh Roe a local woman who rose in the ranks of the Country Women's Association to become World President of the ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World) from 1977 to 1980.

Rica received the Honour Badge from the CWA of WA in recognition of her work in compiling the history of the organisation, Her Name is Woman.

Yet another project Rica was involved in was the transcribing and editing of the journals of sea captain George Bayly from his voyages on the Hooghly 1824-1844 to his time at the Swan River Colony. This culminated in 1998 when she and Pamela Statham published A Life on the Ocean Waves.

Rica joined the Royal Western Australian Historical Society in the 1950s and since 1964 was a regular contributor to their journal Early Days, having ten articles published. In 1974 she was made a Fellow of the Society. The RWAHS sponsored the publication of Rica's Stories: Old and New, edited by Dr Lenore Layman, a collection of the Early Days articles and previously unpublished material.

Rica's research led her to specialise in local history, biographies and genealogy and to the publishing of her research. She is particularly well known for her work on Western Australia's convict past. While pursuing historical research it was through her work in genealogy that she would ultimately make her greatest contribution with the compilation of biographical dictionaries.




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