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Rica Erickson is one of Western Australia's treasures. Few people have contributed as much to the community as has Dr Rica Erickson. Her dedication, intelligence and energy have led to achievements in many fields as teacher, wife, mother, botanist, artist, historian, genealogist and citizen.

The Battye Library has the honour of being the repository of the Rica Erickson collection, which includes manuscripts of her publications, the considerable work undertaken in compiling the genealogical dictionaries, all of her published works, field journals, and most importantly, 500 of her botanical art works.

Rica has always been a great supporter of the Battye Library, not only depositing her own material there, but encouraging others to do the same. She has been a member of the Friends of the Battye Library since its inception, and holds a lifetime researcher's ticket, acknowledging her exceptional contribution to Western Australian historiography. Now in her 90s, Rica continues to attend meetings of the Friends of the Battye Library, joining in the discussions, and reminding staff of people and material that should be pursued. She draws on her considerable memory with disturbing ease to those of us without her capacity.

This web site was created as a tribute to Rica Erickson, who holds a special place in Western Australian history. It provide samples from various of the Battye Library collections to illustrate her life and achievements, set in context with biographical information written by Gail O'Hanlon. A listing of relevant Rica Erickson material held in the Battye Library is in the select bibliography that is part of this web site.

Thanks are due to Rica Erickson for her assistance with the project, and Gail O'Hanlon, compiler and author. Other LISWA staff who have provided great assistance are Patrick Moore, Jennie Carter, Fiona Caratozzolo and Andrew Macdonald.

Ronda Jamieson
Director, J S Battye Library of West Australian History

September 2001




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