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The Rica Erickson website is published by The Library and Information Service of Western Australia as a tribute to Dr Rica Erickson and to publicise the collections of the J S Battye Library of West Australian History. The cooperation of Dr Erickson in the development of this website is gratefully acknowledged.

Project Team

Steering Committee

Gail O'Hanlon, Author
Patrick Moore, Project Leader: Western Stories
Jennie Carter, Team Leader: Original Materials and Information Services


Gail O'Hanlon, Compiler and historian
Jennie Carter, Supervision
Patrick Moore, Contract documentation and liaison
Fiona Caratozzolo, Image scanning
Andrew Macdonald, Image scanning and photography


The site was built from digital files supplied by LISWA to:
Vivid Interactive and Design
200 Wellington Street

Tel: 618 9421 1700
Fax: 618 9221 3048

The Project Team is grateful for the advice and support of Dr Ronda Jamieson, Director, Battye Library.


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