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Tongue and Ham

  • 2 eggs cooked
  • 2 ozs cooked ham
  • pepper & salt
  • 1 oz butter
  • mustard and cress
  • thin slices bread and butter

Boil the eggs for 12 mins.  Remove shells, rub yolks through sieve, chop up whites.  Put the tongue and ham through a mincer.  Wash mustard cress and chop finely.  Cream butter and yolks together, add the chopped whites and mince meat, season well.  Spread this over half the slices of bread and butter, then a layer of prepared cress.  Arrange sandwiches in a stack, press them well together.  Remove the crusts and cut in fancy shapes.



The Housewife's cookery book and shopping guide. 5th edition.

Perth, E.B. Bayliss Print, 1933.


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