Mapping Memory:

family, place and contemporary art

Every family has stories to tell, and each story is a part of our state’s heritage.

In Mapping Memory, artist Wendy Lugg brings to life her family history using historical documents and artefacts, juxtaposed with her own contemporary artworks inspired by her family’s stories. The exhibition gives insight into everyday life in Western Australia in the first half of the twentieth century. Through one family’s perspective, we are invited to explore some of the key themes in modern West Australian history including migration, war, the changing role of women and shifting perceptions of land and the environment.

Mapping Memory was curated by Wendy Lugg in her role as artist in residence at the Royal Western Australian Historical Society and was displayed at the State Library of Western Australia in 2011. This award winning exhibition is remounted online to inspire interest in family history and encourage exploration of how family stories connect to and enrich broader West Australian history.

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