Mapping Memory:

family, place and contemporary art

About the Artist: Wendy Lugg

Artist Wendy Lugg rescues old cloth, embedded with memory, and gives it new life in artworks which explore her Western Australian heritage. In a career spanning three decades she has travelled the world to exhibit, teach and explore other cultures, her camera always within reach.

Now Wendy’s focus has returned to the landscape of her childhood adventures. Since 2009 she has been artist in residence with the Royal Western Australian Historical Society. Wendy feels fortunate to work amongst and learn from people who donate their time and expertise to ensure the state’s history is preserved.

My childhood memories are filled with the presence of long gone family members who were made real to me through stories and memorabilia. From treasured family mementos I learned that humble objects can tell powerful stories. I was particularly fond of a threadbare embroidered cushion cover stitched by a grandfather who died decades before I was born. Its faded glory inspired in me an appreciation of the old discarded domestic textiles I now collect to use in my artworks. I often exhibit my artworks alongside related historical artefacts because together they create a richer storytelling experience.

Wendy Lugg

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