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In the first decade of the twentieth century educational buildings such as the Perth and Fremantle Technical Colleges, completed in 1910 and 1914, and the Claremont Teachers College (1902), displayed similar architectural qualities to those found in other types of buildings in Western Australia.  The State Secondary School at Subiaco (Perth Modern) was completed in 1910 in a 'domestic Gothic' style.  State schools built in the first four decades of the twentieth century display a consistency of style.

The University of Western Australia functioned from temporary buildings in Irwin Street, Perth from 1911.

The construction of the new Crawley campus began in 1928 and was finished in 1933.  A competition had been launched in 1926 calling for designs for a University 'to be erected by a British community in a climate and setting which may perhaps be best described as "Mediterranean"'. 


The style of the new designs by Melbourne architects Alsop and Sayce came to be known as Mediterranean, drawing on a romanticized view of southern Italy and using modern building techniques.





Perth TAFE 1985


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