Bedford Children's Drawing Book

Image: A painting of a pioneer's homestead, 1909

In April 1909 a book of drawings and paintings by the children of various State Schools was presented to the Governor Sir Frederick Bedford and Lady Bedford. While the ages of most of the children are not given, we know that some were as young as 8 with the oldest being 14.

There are 37 items in the collection, 14 being attributable to girls and 4 to boys. The sex of the remainder is not known.

The art is remarkable for its technique, sophistication and beauty, especially for ones so young. Most of the art deals with wildflowers, but there are also pictures of an Aboriginal woman and child, a pioneer homestead, a handprinted illustrated poem, a flag and school, two heraldic designs with animals and flowers, a naval officer of the late 1700s, a map of Western Australia showing products, a map of the world and the life history of the case moth.

The Treasure

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