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Accessibility Statement

The Treasures of the Battye Library website has been thoroughly tested to ensure the website is accessible to as many people as possible. As a result, The Treasures of the Battye Library website has achieved a Web Accessibility Initiative Triple-A rating (WAI-AAA).

This rating was achieved by:

  • Providing a text equivilient to all images through the use of ALT and TITLE tags.
  • Making the website readable with stylesheets disabled.
  • Making all aspects of the site usable, even with Javascript turned off.
  • Providing captions for all images
  • Ensuring all language used on the site is simple and clear.
  • Using a simple colour scheme to enhance on-screen readability.
  • Ensuring all headings and links are in plain text, not images.
  • Ensuring all pages within the site validate to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards.
  • Using stylesheets to control layout and presentation.
  • Using realtive links to reference content.
  • Ensured the website uses clear, simple and consistent navigation.

Please note: The content on this website is made available for archival purposes and may not meet the State Library of Western Australia's current standards for web accessibility, mobile device compatibility, historical accuracy and cultural sensitivity.