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To run far away

Discussion Points

  1. Juniper has created a sense of movement by using only part of the page. Describe what he has done.
  2. What can you find in the illustration? Can you find an insect? The Magic Rock?


Visual Arts:
Making, Responding
  1. Can you create an illustration demonstrating movement by using the same technique as Juniper?

Did You Know

  1. The ‘Magic Stone’ that Mason Judy finds is most likely a ‘Tjuringa’ –this is an Arrernte term for sacred objects which can include stones, tools and paintings. Often the stones are incised or painted. These stones can be used in rituals to represent ancestral beings, can represent the current owner (and are then passed on after the owner’s passing). They may also be used as a talisman to keep the owner safe. Due to their perceived power they are treated with a great deal of respect and care. They are often kept in sacred caves and only authorised people are allowed to see or handle the stones. Traditionally, being careless and allowing a stone to break, or allowing an unauthorised person to handle the stones could be punished with death. Many of these stones have been stolen and have made their ways into private collections or museums since colonisation. (Horton, D (ED) (1994) The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History, Society and Culture Aboriginal Studies Press: Canberra p.1080)

Discussion Points

Mason Judy runs from his home and into the nearby bushland.

  1. Why do you think he ran from home?
  2. Why would he run into the bush?
  3. Do you have bushland near you? Have you ever camped?
  4. How does the bush make you feel?
  5. Can you describe the colours, smells, textures of the bush?


Language, Literacy
Oral Presentation
  1. Prepare a one minute speech to describe the bush and the way it makes you feel.

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