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Mason's eyes grew wide at the sight of the jewels

Discussion Points

  1. Juniper has used a painting that stretches from the bottom right to the top left of the canvas to demonstrate movement. Can you remember where we saw this technique used before?
  2. On closer perusal the bird features many beautiful colours- how many can you see?

Did You Know

  1. Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was a French artist who is renowned for his creativity using various mediums. Matisse was an early pioneer of the use of Paper Cut Outs (Gouches Découpés). Matisse would hand cut the pieces of paper, arrange them and then glue them onto his canvas. Can you see the Matisse inspired pieces on this canvas?


Visual Arts:
Making, Responding
Observational Drawing
  1. Using live birds, You Tube Clips, or some photographs (LINK HERE) create your own bird images.

Other Resources:

C. Price Conigrave among the noddy and sooty terns of Rat Island
Flying through the Kangaroo Paws
Flock of eagles perched in a tree at Broome
Seabirds at Red Bluff
Feeding the birds at Lake Monger, 28 June 1978


  1. Development of land has led to many species of birds and animals becoming endangered. Research to find a bird or animal in Australia that is endangered. Create a plan for how we can ensure it doesn’t become extinct.

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