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The man pointed to a mound of small pebbles

Discussion Points

  1. This illustration was created using pencil and graphite. The use of graphite allowed Juniper to create texture and shading. Do you know what graphite is?


Visual Arts:
Making, Responding
  1. Use a photograph of yourself (or a mirror) and use pencil and graphite to record your image on cartridge paper.

Did You Know?

  1. Japara belongs to the Tiwi people. They believe he was transformed into the moon for his wrongdoings to his older brother Purrukapali.


Aboriginal and Toress Strait Islander Histories and Cultures:
Culture, People
  1. Can you find the Tiwi people on the map?
  2. What Australian state or territory are the Tiwi Islands part of? (Map)

Did You Know

  1. Japara has tribal markings on his chest and arms. These were traditionally given to mark a boy’s transition to manhood, through sacred initiation rituals.

Discussion Points

  1. Does your family do anything special to mark ‘milestone’ birthdays (13,18,21)?
  2. What similar markings do many young people have today on their bodies?

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