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Federal League

Federal Song

All the greyness of the dawning, all the mists are over-past,
In the glory of the morning we shall see Her face at last.
He who sang, "She yet will be,"
He shall hail her, crowned and free.
Could we break the land asunder God has girdled with the Sea?
For the Flag is floating o'er us,
And the star of Hope before us,
From the desert to the ocean, brothers, lift the mighty chorus
For Australian Unity.

George Essex Evans (tune unknown). [full text]

While few supporters of Federation were as passionate as George Essex Evans in his Federal Song, the idea of being Australian and of belonging to an Australian nation was still strongly held by some in the west.
Federal  League Logo
The Federal League was formed in 1931 in response to the Dominion League's campaign for secession. Most of the League's organising committee were local businessmen. Its founding President was Sir Charles Nathan, with other members including Harry Boan. Given the strong commercial links with eastern manufacturers and suppliers enjoyed by some members of the Federal League, they were frequently criticised for being more interested in protecting their own interests than in safe-guarding the welfare of their State.

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