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Westralia Free

Land of the vast horizons,
Land where the reef gold gleams,
For chains awaits thee glory
Dominion of our dreams
We will heal thy wrong
By a justice strong
And our victor song, Westralia, Westralia, Westralia shall be free.

Land of the swan-jet plumaged,
Of faery crystal cave,
Dear land, God keep thy people
Brave, as their sires were brave.
In the Day of Right
Be we girt with might
And the battle fight
To set Westralia free.

Plains of our pastures boundless,
Seas of our rainbow'd pearl,
Destiny is your breezes
Liberty's flag unfurl!
See its folds flung wide
And the challenge cried
"On to conquer ride,
"Wave o'er Westralia free!"

Land of the karri spring,
Land of the wheat and vine,
Aye to thy sons and daughters
Faith's altar and Love's shrine.
Lo! Our vows were sworn,
And the triumph born
In a nation's dawn,
"We made Westralia free."

[Battye Library, Acc 1801A]

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