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The dying Mr Change Man flew into the air

Discussion Points:

  1. This painting echoes another from the collection – which one? What is similar/different?
  2. It has been discussed that these images are similar to images of African Americans at the time – in particular a musician called Jimi Hendrix. Look at the images below. Do you think they are similar or not? Why?
  3. Name 3 famous African Americans. Name 3 famous Aboriginal people. Which was easier to do? Why do you think this is the case?

Inspirations - Aboriginal Western Australians:

Chris Lewis
Stephen Michael
Jeffrey Dynevor
Barry Cable
Sally Morgan
Samuel Isaccs (Busselton)
Nora Shea (First aboriginal public servant, secretary of the Coolbaroo League)
Revel Cooper (Carrolup Artist)
Oral History
Interview with Sadie Canning (Nurse and Matron)
Newspaper Articles
Sadie Canning (Nurse and Matron) A Citizen In Victoria is A Native Here
Sadie Canning (Nurse and Matron) Native Nurse Returns
May O’Brien (teacher, writer) Pupil Becomes Teacher At Old School
May O’Brien (teacher, writer) Mt.Margaret Minstrels
May O'Brien (teacher, writer) May O'Brien, one of WA's most influtential women, now indetified after Storyline photo in The Sunday Times
May O’Brien (teacher, writer – Browse to Storylines and click on albums to find the May O’Brien Album)
Sadie Canning (Nurse and Matron - Browse to Storylines and click on albums to find the Sadie Canning Album)
SLWA Catalogue
May O’Brien (teacher, writer)

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