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Federal election campaign speech for the senate, 1974, recorded as a radio commercial.

Good evening, my name is Don Thomas, Westralian Secessionist candidate for the senate election. Western Australia has what it takes to be an independent State not tied to Canberra's apron strings. I am pledged to stand up for our State first, not for any Canberra party. I am pledged to start the parliamentary fight to bring about the independence which will make Western Australia great. Just imagine a free trade state with all your consumer goods cheaper by one third. No more all west rejections which curb our growth. No more currency violations which shatter confidence. It's a long trail, but we can take the first step in the senate election on May 18th. Give your first choice to the Westralian Secessionists - they are for WA all the way.

[Battye Library, OH1465]

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